Unlimited Solutions Clubhouse Gets Healthier

Unlimited Solutions Clubhouse Gets Healthier

Penobscot Community Health Care (PCHC) is pleased to announce that its Unlimited Solutions Clubhouse is Getting Healthier with a new Fit 4 US Wellness Program.  The program enables members and staff to access healthy food options, experience exercise, and learn more about general health.  The Clubhouse model focuses on recovery from mental illness through the use of a therapeutic environment that includes work responsibilities within the Clubhouse and in the community resulting in meaningful relationships, increase self-sufficiency and an overall improved quality of life.

In a 2010 journal article, Dr. A.J. Mitchell writes that, among people with a severe mental illness there is a higher than average overall mortality rate and a lower life expectancy. “The presence of this medical co-morbidity adversely affects quality of life and recovery from the underlying psychiatric disorder,” he states.  Carrie Lemos, OTR/L, MHRT/C, Executive Director, states “The members and staff have welcomed the experience to develop and participate in the Fit 4 “US” Program.  It has been a great process. The effects of physical health and wellness have been beneficial to all aspects of our Clubhouse.”

The components of the program include: Walking 4 Wellness, Intro to Exercise, Nutrition Assistance, Health Education, and YMCA Scholarship Support.

  • Through Walk 4 Wellness, members and staff walk daily and track their mileage. Last month the clubhouse walked over 120 miles and have connected with 5 different clubhouses since they started in May.
  • Various exercise classes are offered at Clubhouse in mornings and evenings to introduce members and staff to different types of exercise, such a hooping, Zumba®, yoga, and Tai Chi.
  • Members are referred to local nutrition programs, offered trips to the Farmer’s Markets and food pantries, and also tend and harvest garden items at the Community Garden. Healthy choices in the Clubhouse Café are also priced lower than “junk food”.
  • Interested members are offered scholarship applications to the YMCA and supported in their independent workouts or participation in exercise programs.
  • A variety of Health and Wellness Educational sessions are offered, including HIV/AIDS education, management of chronic disease such as COPD and CHF, medications, psychiatric diagnoses, and soon, smoking cessation.

The Unlimited Solutions Clubhouse is excited about their new wellness program and interested in sharing their progress. To learn more about the Clubhouse or Fit 4 Us Wellness, or to share ideas you may have, please contact Carrie Lemos, Executive Director, at clemos@pchc.com or call 207-404-8383.  You may also view their Facebook page or visit www.unlimitedsolutionsclubhouse.com for an updated schedule of events.