New Phone Number at Penobscot Community Health Center on Union Street

In an effort to improve response times and to help make our phone system more patient-friendly, we are working to establish phone numbers that go direct to the practice/department dialed rather than patients having to select the location from a menu when they call.

This change is happening first at Penobscot Community Health Center (our practice located at 1012 Union Street, Bangor) whose number will be changing from 945-5247, which is a shared line between multiple locations, to 404-8100 which will go direct to that site. Effective February 13th, please dial 404-8100 for Penobscot Community Health Center.

Penobscot Community Health Center is already seeing improved wait times and greater patient satisfaction with the phone system.  This will have no impact on internal extensions and the old phone numbers will remain active should they be called, but patients should be encouraged to use the new numbers for easier access.