Hope House Receives Donation from Bangor Federal Credit Union

PCHC is pleased to announce that Bangor Federal Credit Union has generously donated $2,000 to PCHC’s Hope House Health & Living Center to help fund hunger initiatives. The Hope House currently serves three meals per day for guests, serving 942 meals last week alone, and relies on donations from community organizations to assist with food costs. This donation will help fund the cost of meals and food provided to shelter guests and community members in need of a meal. We also offer take home food for people experiencing food insecurity. These packages contain simple foods such as pasta, peanut butter, cereal, soups, and canned meats. We strive to assist people moving from shelter to independent living and those in our community struggling to provide food to their families.

Ann Giggey, LADC, CCS, Director of Hope House Health & Living Center, states, “ The $2,000 donation will enable our food service employees and volunteers the ability to prepare, serve and distribute approximately 600 meals in the shelter and offer 20 food packages to people in need”

Hope House Health and Living Center partners with area businesses, community organizations, and individuals, to serve homeless guests residing at its shelter but more help is needed.   If you would like to volunteer to provide a meal each month or would like to donate, please contact Ann Giggey, Director of Hope House Health & Living Center, at 207-217-6713 ext.1480

With a recovery focused model, including on-site integrated health care, medication management, therapy, groups, and case management, as well as transitional housing, the Hope House provides emergency shelter to our most vulnerable in our city and is a community safety net in the Bangor area, managing overflow of homeless persons from other shelters. Hope House provides shelter to about 60 adult men and women each night.

About Hope House Health and Living Center

The Hope House Health and Living Center, located at 179-181 Corporate Drive in Bangor, includes three distinct services for homeless and peri-homeless individuals in our community, all under one roof: the Hope House Health Center, the Hope House Shelter, and Hope House Transitional Housing.

  • The Hope House Health Center hosts a number of support groups and provides an integrated medical model of care, including access to medical care, psychiatric care, and case management services.
  • The Hope House Shelter is a 66 person emergency homeless shelter, the 2nd largest shelter in the state of Maine. In addition to housing and on-site health care services, 3 meals per day are provided with assistance from various community groups.
  • The Hope House Transitional Housing program encourages healthy living and assists people in moving toward self-sufficiency and successful independent living. Transitional Housing is short-term, up to 24 months, and works to help tenants overcome barriers to successful, permanent housing in the community.