Clubhouse Hosting Drive for Personal Care Items August 15-23

As part of National Be an Angel Day, Unlimited Solutions Clubhouse will be hosting a toiletry and personal care items drive Saturday, August 15th through Sunday, August 23rd at 30 Summer Street, Bangor.  The public is invited to take part in National Be an Angel Day by donating toiletries and personal care items, such as shampoo and conditioner, soap or body wash, tooth paste, tooth brushes, floss and mouth wash, toilet paper and feminine hygiene products, deodorant, laundry detergent, and new socks or undergarments.

Event Details
What: Toiletry & Personal Care Items Drive
When: Saturday, August 15th– Sunday, August 23rd 8am-4pm
Location: Unlimited Solutions Clubhouse, 30 Summer Street, Bangor
Details: Contact Casey Harris at 207.404.8383 or

Clubhouse members and staff will organize and distribute donations to community partners. Your donations will support Bangor Area Homeless Shelter, Columbia St. Baptist Church, Shaw House, Hope House and Unlimited Solutions Clubhouse.

If you have questions or would like to make a donation, please contact Casey Harris at the Unlimited Solutions Clubhouse at 207.404.8383 or

The Unlimited Solutions Clubhouse serves more than 100 members and focuses on recovery from mental illness through the use of a therapeutic environment that includes work responsibilities within the Clubhouse and in the community resulting in meaningful relationships, increased self-sufficiency and an overall improved quality of life.  The Unlimited Solutions Clubhouse will provide those with mental illness an opportunity to stop being seen as a condition but as a vital person. As such, individuals are healthy, productive, and self-sufficient members of a more responsible community.