Unlimited Solutions Clubhouse Re-Accredited by Clubhouse International

We are pleased to announce that Unlimited Solutions Clubhouse, a service of PCHC, has again achieved accreditation through Clubhouse International for a three-year period. Clubhouse International Accreditation involves an evaluation of the Clubhouse in terms of fidelity to the International Standards for Clubhouse Programs, and after careful study and consideration concludes with one of several outcomes. Accreditation with a three-year return review is awarded to Clubhouses that substantially adhere to each of the categories of the Standards (Membership, Relationships, Space, Work-Ordered-Day, Employment, Education, Functions of the House and Funding Governance and Administration).

“The Clubhouse International accreditation process is a fantastic way to share ideas and learn from other Clubhouses across the world. We have been very lucky to have the support and feedback from the faculty team and Clubhouse International in general to assist in our Clubhouse in learning and developing” said Executive Director, Carrie Lemos, OTR/L.

Amy, a current clubhouse member, states, “I enjoyed working with Paul and Paula from the faculty team. They stated that they were excited to take back some of our ideas to their Clubhouse.  We appreciated their input and feedback very much.”

The accreditation process included an extensive Self Study process, a Clubhouse Profile Questionnaire and a 4 day site visit from Clubhouse International Faculty members. Clubhouses receiving the highest accreditation operate in a truly effective manner providing excellent opportunities for Clubhouse members. Solid peer relationships exist and are fostered by the cultural norms of the Clubhouse community as expressed in the Standards.

Faculty surveyors noted that Unlimited Solutions is a warm, welcoming community, fully committed to Clubhouse excellence and a full range of opportunities for its members. There is a strong focus on employment, education, housing and recovery to foster members’ growth. The Clubhouse works with members in pursuing educational goals at local community education facilities and within the Clubhouse.

Joel Cocoran, President of Clubhouse International, states “Congratulations on achieving such a strong, rehabilitative environment. We wish you continued success at providing the best Clubhouse services possible for members.”

About Unlimited Solutions Clubhouse
PCHC’s Unlimited Solutions Clubhouse, a Clubhouse International accredited program, successfully addresses the devastating impact of serious mental illness. Located at 30 Summer Street, Bangor, it opened in 2012 with the belief that people living with mental illness can be active participants in their own and each other’s recovery. Each year, over 200 members come to Unlimited Solutions Clubhouse to contribute their talents, learn new skills, access opportunities and forge new friendships.

Lack of preventive care is an epidemic among people with serious mental illness, resulting in a life expectancy in the United States that is 25 years shorter than the national average. Unlimited Solutions Clubhouse expanded in 2016 to include a Wellness Center in order to promote healthy diets and exercise and to reduce obesity, smoking and diabetes rates within our membership. The expansion included increased space focusing on employment and education to increase our capabilities to serve the Bangor population.