Support 24/7 Acute Care at PCHC’s Jackman Community Health Center

In 2014, Jackman Community Health Center became a practice of PCHC, a federally qualified health center.  Jackman Community Health Center (JCHC) has been able to provide accessible and affordable primary health care services including family medicine, X-ray, care management, laboratory services, and 24/7 acute care.   PCHC is committed to continue to provide access to primary health care services and finding solutions to maintain 24/7 acute care at Jackman Community Health Center for those who live, work, or visit the Moose River Region.

However, the region’s remoteness presents challenges and makes access to 24/7 acute care critically necessary.  Any life threatening illnesses or injuries must be stabilized in Jackman to allow for our local ambulance to get our family, friends, neighbors, and visitors to the nearest emergency rooms. PCHC’s 24/7 acute care model is fragile.  Sustainability relies heavily on the small staff at JCHC, per diem providers, and the Jackman and Moose River Fire and Rescue Department.  Additionally, the services, supplies, and tests necessary to provide urgent care come at a higher cost than traditional primary care.  However, we know so many rely on this service.  More importantly, PCHC knows that because of the acute care services provided, lives are saved.

As detailed in the  2018 Jackman Community Health Center Annual Report, PCHC has spent a great deal of time over the past year focused on the development of a more sustainable, cost-effective rural healthcare model and permanent solutions to maintaining access to our 24/7 Acute Care system.  PCHC is hopeful that continued work on a Community Care Paramedic Practitioner model will meet community needs and address staffing issues by bringing more healthcare professionals to the region.  Officials at PCHC continue to work with local, state, and federal leaders to address the changes necessary for new approaches to rural healthcare.  Any long-term financially viable rural health medical care and workforce model solution found in the Moose River region could be spread to other areas of Maine.

Unfortunately, change takes time.  Your help is needed NOW to sustain 24/7 Acute Care at Jackman Community Health Center.  It is a critical, life-saving service for those who live, work, and visit this region.

Please consider a donation to support 24/7 Acute Care for the Moose River Region.  Annually, there is approximately a $250,000 shortfall to continue this vital service.   In 2018, we were able to raise $252,809 in total to sustain this 24/7 acute care thanks to generous donations from those who live, work, or visit in Jackman and surrounding communities and with $150,000 in support from the State Legislature.  But, we can’t count on state funding in 2019.  This year, your support is even more critical.

Together, let’s make it our goal to raise enough to make up that shortfall and continue 24/7 acute care – a service which may save your life, or the life of someone you loveNo donation is too small – every dollar counts!

Please download the pledge sheet to make a donation via mail or donate online by selecting the Jackman Community Health Center campaign.