Congratulations on taking this first important step to working toward an addiction-free life… asking for help.

PCHC wants to partner with you on the road to recovery. We have several different locations providing addiction recovery treatment. Our goal is to use a team approach to help you get back into a life free from opioid use. Your sobriety and wellness are our main concerns.

Are you ready to begin the journey to a clean and productive life without addiction?

The first step is to contact your PCHC primary care provider’s office… Tell them that you would like to begin treatment in one of PCHC’s recovery programs.

What do PCHC’s Recovery Programs look like?

We currently have 4 locations providing treatment programs. Each one is “abstinence-based” which means the goal is to work toward a life completely free of substances. Our programs combine group therapy and medication (buprenorphine or “Suboxone”) assisted treatment with a plan to taper off that medication over time. You may also be set up with individual counseling.

Most of our programs require weekly visits, however we have a more intensive program at Hope House which is a daily commitment.

Payment for Services

Patient are expected to pay their bill at the time of service. For patients without insurance, or low-income patients, PCHC has an Outreach and Enrollment specialist who can help you find less expensive insurance and/or enroll you in our sliding scale (reduced fee) program.

What you can expect in this program:

  • Honesty with self and others
  • Required group attendance
  • Random pill counts and urine drug screens
  • Use the same pharmacy to all my medications
  • Be free from addicting substances
  • Must keep a working phone so we can reach you
  • Payment will be due at time of service
  • Lost medication will not be replaced
  • If you share or sell medication you will be asked to leave program
  • If you behave in a threatening, assaultive, or harassing way you will be asked to leave program
  • If appropriate, address trauma issues or core problems at the root of your addiction through individual counseling