Women’s Health

Our Women’s Health team provides comfortable, respectful, and high-quality care to women of all ages.  Our specialized Nurse Practitioners have years of experience providing women’s health care. They can provide a variety of gynecological health care services conveniently within our PCHC practices.

Sandy Ewer, FNP-C, is serving patients at Penobscot Community Health Center in Bangor. She joined PCHC with over 20 years of experience and enjoys providing care for all aspects of women’s health. Her interests include procedures, education about reproduction, and particularly menopause. You can read more about Sandy here.  Sandy is currently accepting new patients! Call 404-8100 to schedule an appointment today.

PCHC’s Women’s Health providers can assist women with a variety of services, including the following:

  • routine annual exams
  • complex gynecological issues
  • contraceptive management
  • decreased libido
  • genetic counseling
  • infertility and/or pregnancy testing
  • family planning and counseling
  • colposcopy
  • breast pain or lump
  • IUD insert/removal
  • provision of emergency contractive
  • STD/HIV screening and treatment
  • and much more!!

As part of our PCHC network, our Women’s Health care providers are also easily available for consultation with other members or your PCHC health care team.