Quick Facts about PCHC

Commitment to Mission: PCHC is by far the largest and most comprehensive of the 19 FQHC organizations in Maine and the 2nd largest of the 100 in New England.

Patients: Over 65,000 in 2016. 70% are lower income persons and seniors.

Patient Visits: Over 350,000 in 2016, up from 25,000 in 2003.

Affordable Care Program: Over $2 million written off in 2014, nearly doubling the total fees written off just 5 years ago.

Always Open to New Patients: About 5,000 new medical and 3,000 new dental patients each year.  Same day first appointment or within a few days.

Staff: Over 750 employees in 2016, including 200 providers. Up from just 25 in 2002. Salaries and benefits are over $30 million per year.

Budget: Over $70 million in 2016.  Federal operating grants are less than 10% of PCHC’s budget.