PCHC Telehealth Information

PCHC Telehealth Information

PCHC offers Telehealth options for you and your family. In these days of COVID-19 concerns, and the need for social distancing, Telehealth provides an alternative tool allowing you to remain safe at home, while still receiving the care you need! 

Using video conferencing through Zoom and other safe computer applications, we can consult with and care for your family, even if you don’t come to the office. Virtual visits are easy, and work just like in-person visits with your provider! They can be done from any tablet, phone, laptop or computer as long as the device has a camera and microphone. You can see and hear your provider and they can see and hear you. You can talk about your symptoms, get a prescription or a diagnosis just as if you were at the office. 

Simply contact us at (207)404-8100 to schedule your virtual appointment today!

Telehealth Resource Documents

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Telehealth Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Telehealth Questions

What does “Telehealth” mean?

Telehealth describes a way to deliver and get healthcare using telecommunications technology. When you hear that your Provider is offering a “Telehealth visit,” it means you can now face to face video chat with your doctor online!

Is my privacy safe?

PCHC uses private Zoom meetings to conduct the Telehealth visits.  PCHC has ensured all of the privacy settings are properly in place and as an added safety measure PCHC controls who is admitted to each visit.

What equipment do I need?

At minimum, you will need a computer, tablet or mobile device with an integrated camera and microphone.

Will it work with Wi-Fi?

Yes! As long as you have at least 1.5 mbps (megabit per second). Wifi speed checks can be done by typing wifi speed into google or other search engine and running a speed check. 

What should I do if I have a technical issue?

You would contact your providers’ office, and a member of our staff will assist you with any issues.

What kinds of appointments are appropriate for Telehealth visits?

PCHC’s mission is provide comprehensive, integrated primary health care services for all.  Due to the COVID-19 emergency, many of our patients are unable to be seen in person.  To ensure the safety of our patients and staff, any patient that is unable to be seen in person should be offered Telehealth services, unless the visit requires a hands-on, physical exam or procedure.

How can the doctor diagnose me without actually doing a physical exam?

Your provider actually does not need to do a physical exam to diagnose and treat many conditions. That’s because knowing your medical history is considered “90% of the evaluation” when combined with the provider-patient interaction. How you’re feeling can be just as important to your provider as the results of a physical exam. Plus, being able to see you gives your provider the additional visual information needed to make a diagnosis.

Will I be seeing my own provider or someone I don’t know?

You will see your provider or a provider on the team if it is a scheduled visit.

Can I get a prescription filled from the visit?

Yes! As long as your diagnosis doesn’t require further in-person examination, your provider can simply electronically prescribe your medication and send it directly to the pharmacy of your choice.

Is the quality of care the same as an in-person visit?

The quality of Telehealth as a method of healthcare delivery is confirmed by decades of research and demonstrations. Telehealth has been found to be a safe, cost-effective and convenient way to provide healthcare services.

How hard is it to see my doctor with Telehealth?

If a patient can navigate a search engine or use a phone app, Telehealth is a tool they can use. To have a face to face video conference with a provider, the patient needs a good Internet connection and a computer, tablet or phone with a built-in microphone and camera. Telehealth software is very easy to navigate for patients of all ages.

What if I lose my meeting ID?

The meeting ID should be copied into the appointment note. When the Medical Assistant (MA) calls the patient 15 minutes prior to the appointment to consent and prep, the MA will double check with the patient that they have the meeting ID.