General Information

Co-payment is required at the time of service. As a courtesy, PCHC will bill your insurance company. PCHC accepts most insurances, MaineCare, Medicare and self-pay (uninsured). If you do not have insurance or are under-insured, we offer a Sliding Fee Program (Affordable Care Plan) which provides reduced rates for those who qualify.

  • If you have insurance, please bring your insurance card with you to every appointment. You must pay your copay at each visit.
  • Patients are responsible to pay any unpaid balance for services, including co-pays, co-insurance, deductibles, and services not covered by insurance.
  • Account balances (what you owe) must be paid within 60 days of receiving a billing statement in order to avoid Collections.
  • If you are unable to pay your entire account balance, we offer a 10-month payment plan. Please contact our Billing Department at 207-404-8200 for more information about this option.
  • We accept cash, check, money order, and all major credit cards. Patients can pay in the following ways:
    • at check-in/check-out: at your practice
    • by phone: 207-404-8200
    • by mail: See note below
    • online: click button below

A third party technology provider for PCHC is experiencing a widespread service interruption. This impacts online payment processing, eligibility verification and claims processing for some insurance providers. Online payments cannot be processed at this time. Patients can make payments by calling our Billing Department directly at (207) 404-8200. We are working to find alternative ways to serve our patients in the case that this continues to be an issue. We will continue to update our patients as we learn more.

To send a payment by mail, tear off the bottom of the PCHC invoice at the perforation and fill out your information. Then send this form with your payment in the envelope provided. Payments should be mailed to:

Penobscot Community Health Care

Billing Department

P.O. Box 1599

Bangor, ME 04402-1599

Self-Pay (Uninsured) Patients

  • If you are unable to pay for services on the same day as your medical visit, you will be responsible to pay the full cost. A bill of these expenses will be mailed to you.
  • If you are self-pay, fees must be paid at time of service for all dental appointments. This does not include acute care.

Sliding Fee Program (Affordable Care)

  • If you do not have insurance or are under-insured, please ask about our Sliding Fee Program which offers a sliding fee scale based on income and household size. Click here for more information about this program. 
  • If you are in our Sliding Fee Program, you must pay your copay at each visit.

The PCHC Billing Department can be reached by calling 404-8200. Staff will be happy to help with your billing questions or concerns.

Billing Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the best way for me to pay my bills from PCHC?

The fastest, easiest way to pay your bills is through our secure online bill payment page. Our bill payment options include:

  • Secure online bill payment at – Click here to pay online.
  • Contact us by telephone at (207) 404-8200 M-F, 8am – 5pm, and pay with your credit card. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express Credit Cards.
  • You can make payment at the time of service right at the clinic (ex. making payment at the registration desk) or any time after the service.

You can also mail a cashier’s check, personal check, money order or credit card information for payment in full directly to our office.  Our mailing address is:

P.O. Box 1599
Bangor, ME 04402-1599

What is a deductible? Co-insurance? A-co-payment?

Insurance plans generally have deductibles, co-pays, and/or coinsurances.

  • A “deductible” is an annual expense that you must pay before your insurance benefits can begin. This amount can vary based on place of service (i.e. your doctor’s office vs. a large hospital). Supplemental Insurance Plans may cover this cost.
  • “Coinsurance” is the portion of the total bill (usually a percentage) that is the patient’s (or guarantor’s) responsibility to pay. This amount can vary based on place of service (i.e. your doctor’s office vs. a large hospital). Supplemental Insurance Plans may cover this cost.
  • A “Co-pay” is a set amount paid each visit, based on your insurance policy. This usually does not count towards your deductible.

For example, on a $500 bill, your deductible might be $150, so you would have to pay the first $150. This leaves a balance of $350. Of that $350, your co-insurance might be 20%, meaning that you will have to pay an additional $70. Your insurance company should pay the remaining $280.  PCHC will file this claim for you. After insurance has been billed, you may receive a bill on any remaining balances.

Who is responsible for paying my bill?

PCHC will bill your insurance company directly ( unless you specify otherwise),  if we are participating with your carrier.  You are ultimately responsible for making certain that your bill is paid and can do this by referencing the patient notices that your insurance company may mail to you for each claim they receive.

If a balance remains after your insurance has issued a payment or a denial, payment is due upon receipt of your statement.  PCHC also does offer payment arrangements if you are unable to pay immediately.

If your account is not paid in full or have other arrangements made on the balance within 60-days, your account may be reviewed for further collections action from a third party.

What other bills will I receive?

In addition to your bill from PCHC, you may receive bills from outside laboratories or physicians who may have provided services to you. For instance, you may receive bills from consulting physicians, radiologists, or other specialists. Please contact their office directly if you have questions concerning their bills.

Did you bill my correct insurance?

Questions about insurance may be directed to our PCHC Billing Office at (207) 404-8200, M-F 8am-5pm.

What is “pending” with my insurance?

You may have received a letter or questionnaire from your insurance company requesting additional information. If you do not respond to this, the bill may become your responsibility.

Questions about your account may be may be directed to our PCHC Billing Office at (207) 404-8200, M-F 8am-5pm.

What do I owe?

You should receive an account statement in the mail. Your statement will reflect any unpaid balances on your account.

Questions about your account may be may be directed to our PCHC Billing Office at (207) 404-8200, M-F 8am-5pm.

Did you receive my payment?

Any new payments made on your account should be reflected on your next account statement.

Questions about your account may be may be directed to our PCHC Billing Office at (207) 404-8200, M-F 8am-5pm.

Why didn’t my insurance pay?

You should have received an Explanation of Medical Benefits (EOMB) or Explanation of Payment (EOP) from your insurance company, showing how they considered your claim. This EOMB/EOP should have a contact telephone number or web site where you can reach your insurance company for questions. Please contact your insurance company or benefits office with questions about denied claims.

What is pre-authorization, and who is responsible for taking care of it?

Many insurance plans require prior approval for services by patients and/or their Primary Care Providers (PCPs) before services can be covered. This is often referred to as pre-authorization.

Before your visit to a Penobscot Community Health Care facility, please review your health-plan booklet or call your insurance company representative to clarify your specific policy benefits and requirements. Many Insurance Carriers also have their own web sites – information about your company’s web site can be found in your insurance policy handbook, on your insurance card, or at your benefits office.

I was injured at work – why am I getting a bill?

After notifying your employer of a work related injury, your employer should have filed a ‘Notice of Injury’ with the company’s workers compensation carrier. If they did not, the claim may be denied and become your responsibility.

Please check with your employer regarding the status of your workers compensation claim.

Billing Documents