PCHC Quick Facts

Quick Facts about PCHC

Commitment to Mission:  PCHC is the largest of Maine’s 20 federally qualified health centers, and the second largest of the 100 FQHCs in New England.

Patients: 58,000. About 70 percent are lower-income persons and seniors.

Patient Visits: More than 260,000 in 2021.

Affordable Care:  PCHC offers a variety of payment options and financial assistance through our Sliding Fee Program, which is based on income, family size, and ability to pay.

Uncompensated Care: About $4.3 million in uncompensated care was provided last year.

Staff: Over 900 employees including 375 providers.

Budget: Approximately $100 Million.  Federal operating grants are only 6.2% of PCHC’s budget.