Generic Prescription Drug List

PCHC’s 4 full service pharmacies, located in Bangor, Brewer, Old Town, and Belfast, work to offer the most complete list of discount medications in the area. We include more generic medications on the $4 pricing list than most of our local competitors, which means we can offer you the best prices in town! These discounts are available to ALL PCHC patients with a prescription written by a PCHC provider. The prices are available to patients with or without insurance.

How much could you save?

Look up your medications in the chart below to find out how much you could be saving by filling your prescriptions at a PCHC pharmacy.  For patients with high cholesterol, 1 month supply of atorvastatin costs: $4 here vs. $15 at a local pharmacy. Patients using our pharmacy would save $132 a year!

Download the below PDFs of the Generic Prescriptions we offer at a discount. If you do not see your medication on this list, call your PCHC Pharmacist to check the price!

Manufacturer Prescription Assistance Program offers additional discounted medications to PCHC patients.

Qualifying PCHC patients can receive discounted costs for their medical visits through our sliding fee scale,  as well as for their medications, receiving up to 40% off of their prescription medication costs, and getting medications on the Manufacturer Prescription Assistance Program Medication List for free, when they are available from PCHC pharmacies.

To learn more about our sliding fee scale, and free or discounted medications,  talk to a PCHC Outreach and Enrollment Specialist.

CLICK HERE for the contact information for your health center.

If you are unsure if you qualify for the sliding fee scale, or if your medications can be switched to a discounted or free medication on the list,  or if you have other trouble paying for your medications, please speak with your provider or your pharmacist, or call your PCHC pharmacy at 207-992-4100 to see if you qualify.

Download the Manufacturer Prescription Assistance Program Medication List.

These programs require that the first fill be limited to a 30 day supply. Refills after that may be done for 90-day supplies.

Supplies may be limited for these medications, and providers are encouraged to call ahead to the pharmacy to verify the amounts in stock.