National Pharmacy Week: Primary Care Pharmacists Provide Critical Voice in Collaborative Care

At PCHC – our health care providers pride themselves on a collaborative model of care, with a number of roles, and specialties working together along with the patient to provide the greatest possible care. In honor of National Pharmacy Week, we wanted to shed light on a new role brought to these care teams, called the Primary Care Pharmacists.

Primary Care Pharmacists provide comprehensive medication management for a wide variety of patients with chronic health conditions. They work closely with other members of the healthcare team including physicians, nurses, behavioral health specialists, and others.

At PCHC, these roles engage in collaborative practice agreements with physicians which enable pharmacists to initiate, adjust, and discontinue medications, order, and monitor laboratory studies, and perform limited physical assessment.

Currently we have a number of these professionals integrated into our care teams including:

Brewer Medical Center: Caitlin Morrow, PharmD and Sarah Mierz, PharmD
Winterport and Hope House: Sarah Mierz, PharmD
Seaport: Kristene Welch, PharmD
Helen Hunt: Courtney McVey, PharmD and Meagan Rusby, PharmD and Clinical Pharmacy Manager
PCHCenter: Katie Sawiki, PharmD
Adult Wellness Center: Casey Heath, PharmD
Transitions of Care: Ellie Hall, PharmD
Infusion Center: Tiffany Carlisle, PharmD
Controlled Substance Stewardship Committee (CSS): Irene Madrigal, PharmD
We also have 4 Residents that assist in both the Pharmacies and in the Practices with the PCPh’s and with CSS

Thank you to all of our pharmacists across the organization for your continued dedication to unparalleled patient care. We honor you during National Pharmacy Week!