Making an Appointment

If you are a new patient, simply contact the practice most conveniently located to you by phone. If you are an existing patient, contact your current medical practice by phone. Our patient service representatives will be happy to assist you in finding the next available appointment.  You can also sign up for our patient portal to schedule an appointment online.

Walk-In Care visits are also available at Penobscot Community Health Center, Helen Hunt Health Center, Brewer Medical Center, and Penobscot Pediatrics – appointment not required.

Weekend appointments are available at Seaport Community Health Center and Penobscot Pediatrics for both acute and non-acute care.

Adult Wellness Center

1068 Union St., Bangor • 404-8100
Family Medicine, Medical Specialists, Mental Health
Minor Surgical Procedures, Nutrition, Osteopathic Manipulation Therapy

Penobscot Community Health Center

1012 Union Street, Bangor • 404-8100
Family Medicine, Psychiatric Services,
Pharmacy, Physical Therapy, and Lab for all ages

Penobscot Pediatrics

6 Telcom Dr., Bangor • 947-0147
General Pediatrics, Walk-In Care, Specialists in Pediatric Pulmonology,
Infectious Disease, Hospital Care and Mental Health

Penobscot Community Dental Center

1048 Union Street, Bangor • 992-2152
242 Brunswick Street, Old Town • 827-6128
Screenings, cleanings, x-rays, education,
fluoride treatments, examinations, sealants, fillings,
extractions, root canals, and more

Helen Hunt Health Center

242 Brunswick Street, Old Town • 827-6128
Family Medicine, Pediatrics, Walk-In Care, Psychiatric
Services, Internal Medicine, Podiatry, X-Ray, Lab, Physical Therapy, Pharmacy

Brewer Medical Center

735 Wilson Street, Brewer • 989-1567
Family Medicine, Walk-In Care, Psychiatric Services,
X-Ray, Lab, Physical Therapy, Podiatry, Pharmacy

Community Care and Geriatrics

Quality of Life, Extended Care, Home
Care & Hospice Services

Capehart Community Health Center

86 Davis Road, Bangor • 992-2205
Family Medicine, Psychiatric Services

Hope House

179 Indiana Avenue, Bangor • 217-6713
Medical, Mental Health, Shelter, Housing Services

Brewer Community School Clinic

5 Pendleton Street, Brewer • 992-2393
Family Medicine, Counseling, Dental

Brewer High School Clinic

Parkway South, Brewer • 992-2456
Family Medicine, Counseling, Dental

Seaport Community Health Center

53 Schoodic Dr., Belfast • 338-6900
Care Management, Family Medicine, Mental Health, Pediatrics
Pharmacy, Recovery, Walk-In Care

Winterport Community Health Center

775 North Main Street • 223-0965
Care Management, Family Medicine, Mental Health
Osteopathic Manipulation Therapy, Recovery

Jackman Community Health Center

376 US-201, Jackman • 668-7755
Care Management, Family Medicine, Mental Health, Walk-In Care