PCHC Recognizes and Honors Social Workers during Social Work Appreciation Month

It’s Social Work Appreciation Month, but thousands of the people we serve would tell you that one month is not nearly sufficient to appreciate the work of PCHC’s 49 social workers (including 18 social workers in care management and 31 Licensed Clinical Social Workers).

Some social workers focus on mental health and work as counselors, helping people through domestic conflicts, traumatic stress disorder, and other tough situations. Others in community social work may focus on “life navigation,” and still others do the bulk of their work in recovery services or behavioral health. There are transition specialists who help people through the move from one level or type of care to another, e.g., hospital to rehabilitation or to assisted home care. Some social workers are based in an office while others visit people in their homes. Within multiple categories, social workers can choose to specialize in children, the elderly, or any other demographic group or diagnosis.

We sat down and talked with members of our social work team to discuss what they enjoy most about their positions. Enjoy.

Have you thanked a social worker this month?