Seaport Community Health Center to Close On Dec. 17 for EMR Training

Your providers at Seaport Community Health Center are committed to providing you access to the high quality, affordable healthcare you deserve. One of the keystones of that excellent care is our electronic medical record system (EMR), which tracks your office visits, medications and prescriptions, diagnoses, and other vitally important data about your health.

Last month, we launched the installation of a new EMR for Seaport, designed to offer state-of-the-art recordkeeping and make important information seamlessly accessible to providers, pharmacists, and patients through our Portal system.  However, this welcome upgrade proved to be extremely complex to install—especially during a pandemic—leading to delays, confusion, and unacceptably long wait times for some patients.

We understand that these extraordinary challenges are magnified under the current public-health emergency, and we want you to know that we are extremely sorry for any inconvenience you may have experienced at SCHC.  We are taking timely steps to correct the situation. This remedial work will require us to give Seaport staff sufficient time to catch up with recordkeeping and training, and so we are going to temporarily close the clinic on Dec. 17.  The one-day closure will affect regularly scheduled patients as well as walk-in visits, and COVID-19 testing (currently conducted in our parking area) will be temporarily suspended as well. The Pharmacy will be open. The clinic will open for the usual hours on Dec. 18.

If you have an appointment scheduled during the closure, your provider will be reaching out to reschedule your care. Please call Seaport with any questions you may have about appointments, prescription refills, or billing while the clinic is closed.  If you have a medical emergency, call 911.

The successful installation of Seaport’s new EMR will provide you with an even better level of service, convenience, and care, and we look forward to its completion. Thank you for your patience while we finish this necessary transition, and thank you as always for your support of SCHC and Penobscot Community Health Care.

Wishing you happy holidays, and a healthy new year.