Voted Bangor’s Best Hearing Aid Center for 9 years in a row!

Audiological Hearing Evaluation

The Warren Center provides complete audiometric evaluations performed by our licensed, certified audiologists. Evaluations include a number of specialized tests for infants, children and adults which assess hearing ability and type of hearing loss.

Complete Hearing Aid Services

Hearing aids may be purchased through the Center after a hearing evaluation. The Warren Center audiology department offers a wide selection of hearing aids, including programmable and digital aids from top brands such as Phonak, Starkey, Siemens and Oticon (to name a few).

Hearing aid consultations are also available, at no cost, for those who are trying to find the best hearing aid for their type of hearing loss. The Warren Center also offers a 30 day trial period and a two year warranty with any new hearing aid. Hearing aid repairs and servicing are available for most makes and models.

Regional Hearing Aid Bank (ReHAB)

The Regional Hearing Aid Bank, ReHAB for short, is designed to provide one hearing aid to those members of our community who are unable to afford them. It utilizes donated behind-the-ear hearing aids which can be refurbished and reprogrammed for use by another person. This program currently has a 2-3 year waiting list to receive one hearing aid.The ReHAB program is designed particularly for members of the community who are unable to be served by the Veterans’ Administration, Vocational Rehabilitation program, insurances or other third-party providers and whose annual income is less than 200% of the federal poverty level. There is an application process and a waiting list for these services.

The Warren Center’s cochlear implant program is the state’s only cochlear implant programming / mapping facility that is able to work with all three implant companies. Additionally, this facility is the only site in Maine able to provide these services to children with cochlear implants.