PCHC’s New Website

PCHC Launches New Website

PCHC is happy to announce the arrival of its new, updated website! Our website was rebuilt from the ground up with the latest web technologies to make finding the information you need faster and easier.

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The Latest in Web Technologies

Under the Hood of the New Website

Efficient code makes efficient websites. PCHC’s website was built with this in mind, using some of the latest techniques and tools in web development.

PCHC’s new website has been built with the future in mind, and is even smartphone-friendly.

Mobile Friendly

Mobile Ready

Smartphones and tablets are becoming more and more popular for browsing the web anytime, anywhere. Why should a website clutter up your screen with extras that make finding what you’re looking for more difficult?

PCHC’s website has this in mind, and we used the latest techniques to make sure the website  looks great on your mobile device. Pages are cleaned, buttons are bigger to make hitting them with your finger easier, and the information that’s most important to you is front-and-center.

New Search Tools

Header Search

We put the quickest ways to find the information you need at the top-right of every page of our website. Use our search form to find anything on our website quickly.

Search Filters

Refine Search

You can even filter out information you don’t need to make things easier when you search. Don’t want to see news articles when you are searching for a service? Uncheck the box to hide them from view.

Providers Filters

Provider Filters

Looking for a Family Medicine provider who works at Brewer Medical Center or Helen Hunt Health Center? Now you can choose exactly what type of providers you are looking for with our provider search filters.

Crystal-Clear Design

Crystal Clear Design

Super high-definition displays like Apple’s Retina Display are becoming more and more popular. We kept this in mind when building our new website, and we’re sure everything will remain crisp and clean, no matter how amazing computers and smartphones continue to become.

Printer-Friendly Styling

Website Printing

Sometimes, you just need to print a page of a website. On PCHC’s new website, we kept this in mind and made our website clean and simple when you need to print. No fancy graphics, minimal colors to save your inks — just the information you need in a clean format.

Our website has the future in mind, and we will continue to evolve. We hope PCHC’s website will make finding what you need to know easier and friendlier.

PCHC — For you. For your family. For our community.